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Choose from an amazing collection of space saving sliding shower doors, bypass shower doors and bi-fold shower doors for an impressive shower door look. Choose a standard or heavy shower door glass design found in the Enigma and Enigma X door collections. Find the right glass shower door for any project with frameless and semi-frameless doors in the UNIDOOR, ELEGANCE and ALLURE shower door collections - offering off-the-shelf glass doors for openings from 24 to 67 inches. AQUA shower doors offer a flowing European look and great function. Consider the 2012 new and unique sliding door design of the frameless MIRAGE shower door or the three panel sliding ILLUSION door. All shower doors are made of tempered glass complimented by hardware in popular finishes like Chrome and Brushed Nickel.


 44-48"W x 76"H
  56-60"W x 76"H
Aqua Ultra Shower Door

 45"W x 72"H
ELEGANCE Shower Door

25 1/4-61 3/4"W x 72"H
Infinity-Z SLIDING Shower Door

44-48"W x 72"H
56-60"W x 72"H
Vitreo-X Shower Door

46 1/8"W x 72"H
 58 1/8"W x 72"H
Mirage Sliding Shower Door

44-48"W x 72"H
56-60"W x 72"H
BUTTERFLY Sliding Shower Door

30 - 31 1/2"W x 72"H
 34 - 35 1/2"W x 72"H
 58 - 59 1/2"W x 72"H

 44-48"W x 76"H
  56-60"W x 76"H
Enigma Shower Collection - ENIGMA SHOWER DOOR

56-60"W x 79"H
 68-72"W x 79"H
  • - Deluxe 1/2" thick tempered clear glass
  • - Advanced fully frameless heavy glass design
  • - Single sliding front door, large wheel
      assemblies, stainless steel track
  • - Includes anti-splash threshold
  • - Reversible for left or right door opening
  Enigma Shower Enclosure Hardware Enigma Shower Enclosure Hardware Enigma Shower Enclosure Hardware Enigma Shower Enclosure Hardware
UNIDOOR Frameless Swing Shower Doors

UNIDOOR w/ Support ARM

UNIDOOR with Shelves

56-60"W x 72"H
RADIANCE Frameless Shower Doors

Visions Shower Door

56-60"W x 72"H
DUET Shower Door

44-48"W x 72"H
 56-60"W x 72"H
ALLURE Shower Door

30-67"W x 72"H
FLEX PIVOT Shower Door

28" - 32"W X 72"H
32" - 36"W X 72"H
AquaLux Shower Door Clear Glass

45 1/2"W x 72"H
Aqua Shower Door Clear Glass

48"W x 72"H
Vitreo Shower Door Clear Glass

46 1/8"W x 76"H
58 1/8"W x 76"H


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